Security breaches are an ever-increasing liability for businesses around the world, and the overall losses include not just your valuable data but also your customer confidence and revenues. Protect your business, and choose STIDIA as your partner for professional, enterprise-level IT solutions. Our international structure, managed by industry experts puts us in a unique position to:
  • Understand your network / software / security / hosting problems;
  • Analyse the problems, and consult with you regarding solutions;
  • Ensure your data is secure, as is your planned growth path;
  • Reduce your operational risks and problems;
  • All at economical prices, and yet backed by world-class white-hat staff.
We concentrate on products related to security and privacy, and well as:
  • Penetration testing – websites, servers, networks.
  • Secure managed hosting – full service in locations across the globe.
  • Network engineering – planning, design, and maintenance.
  • Systems programming – b2b, sensitive data, competitions.
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Penetration Testing

Use of industry leading toolsets, such as Acunetix WVS, Nessus, and others to perform penetration tests of websites, servers, and wired and witeless networks, all backed by our Eastern European security experts.

  • Manual confirmation and testing of key vulnerabilities using Linux-based toolsets.
  • Consulting and programmer training on how to fix and prevent vulnerabilities.
  • Each set of tests includes summary and detailed scan results, plus brief reports with overall analysis and specific technical points.
  • After the first penetration test, we offer follow-up tests at reduced prices to allow for confirmation that previously discovered vulnerabilities have been fixed.
  • Expert consulting, analysis of electronic fraud and hacked infrastructure, including reports for law firms or police, and court witness services.

Managed Hosting

All of our fully-managed solutions concentrate on security and respect for privacy of users and data.

  • Email hosting – secure, independent, with SSL access, and optionally with Digital IDs / PGP that can be used to encrypt all communications.
  • Website hosting – fully managed, concentrating on the Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP environment and security around it.
  • Custom and/or dedicated servers – advice regarding appropriate solutions, and full management with security as a priority. Currently working with 10 data centres on four continents, serving tens of TBs of data per month.
  • Domain name management and DNS services – managing hundreds of domain names and serving millions of DNS queries per month via world class partners.

Network Engineering

Design and planning of new networks, concentrating on security and using the full expertise of our Eastern European staff. In addition:

  • Design of improvements to existing infrastructure.
  • Installation and set up of complex network devices, testing, and support – e.g. firewalls, switches, stacks, high-availability systems, VPN and IPSec communications.
  • Debugging of complex and/or transient network problems. Quality support, backed by certifications and years of experience.
  • Audits and penetration testing as part of ISO accreditation.

Programming & Testing

Systems engineering, design and specification based on UML (Unified Modelling Language) and OO (Object Orientation), and of course implementation.

  • Emphasis on security, with skills in payment systems, e-commerce, online competitions, online delivery of goods, b2b communications systems, ordering and fulfilment systems.
  • Standard and solid web technologies such as MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, in addition to advanced shell scripting, Java, C++, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.
  • Application programming for Android, iOS, MacOS.
  • Code reviews and analysis of third party applications to confirm quality and security.
  • Third party application testing for customers who need an independent in-depth testing and quality assurance process to confirm their providers are in line with requirements.


Acunetix WVS

STIDIA is an exclusive partner and reseller for Luxembourg and the greater region of Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, the best in class website penetration suite, offering an excellent return on investment, compared with the direct and indirect costs of being hacked.

  • Reports from the tool can be suited towards compliance requirements – e.g. PCI.
  • We can offer consulting as to which version is best for you, can perform the purchase fulfilment, and license renewals down the line.
  • With six years of experience in using the tool, we also offer support and help you fix the discovered vulnerabilities.
  • Download a 14 day trial version now!

VPN Shield

VPN service for improved security and privacy, especially when travelling.

  • MacOS, iOS, and Android versions mature, Windows coming soon.
  • Server locations on three continents, with over 1500 active paying customers.
  • See [] or search your [Google Play] or [Apple App] stores.
  • Contact us for a free trial!

Chat Shield

End-to-end encryption of all data, assuring communication privacy.

  • Support for text messaging, file transfer, voice calls, video calls, and conferencing.
  • Clients available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and mobile devices.
  • Can be installed on customer premises for staff use.
  • Contact us for a free trial!

Spam Shield

Mail forwarding service, allowing protection of your email address when registering on dubious websites.

  • Web based, so supports all popular operating systems and browsers.
  • Free for ad-hoc use with ads, and with subscription for corporate usage.
  • Can be installed as a dedicated service to enhance a corporate's email system.
  • Contact us for a free trial!